Vibrating bed and segment intending life

It was a late night for me last night wandering the street, listening to music and people watching. Add in a full day of travel and I was exhausted when I crawled into bed before midnight. Still a little annoyed I was not able to get a king bed, even after it was confirmed, I decided it best to let that go and enjoy what I have. A very nice room, private bath, ac, refrigerator, tv and nicely decorated. No complaints really.

Feeling content, I quickly dropped off to sleep hoping for a good night sleep. I did, for two hours. That’s when the vibrating bed and walls woke me.

The description for Rikka Inn suggest it is located on Khaosan Road but is in a Soi off to the side. Walking down a long corridor to the registration desk yesterday, I was happy to see how far it was off the actual mayhem of Khaosan Road. Once registered, turn right, elevators, turn left, down the hallway, turn left again and find my room, I had no idea what part of the area my room was located in.

When my bed started vibrating, I knew my room was practically over Khaosan Road and between multiple dueling bars. I couldn’t really hear the music but the deep base vibrated right through my room. “On No!” I thought…I may have three nights of this! Waking and sleeping until the music stopped around 3:00, I considered I might have to check out, lose my money and find a more peaceful place to stay.

In my sleepy state, I realized what I was doing, I was intending for this to be a problem. And I remembered Abraham talking about “segment intending” which is taking the time to specifically and carefully intend how you would like the next segment of your life to unfold. Shifting gears, I imagined waking up rested, going to the front desk, asking for a different room and having things move slowly. Part of me was skeptical after the luke warm help I received the night before.

Awake, showered and heading for breakfast, I went to the registration desk and explained how noisy my room was and asked if there were any rooms quieter. A quick glance at the computer and the woman at the desk said, “Yes! It will be ready for you in two hours!”.  Nice segment!

So I continued that through the day. I wanted to find the coconut oil Tyson told me about but after visiting four or five Boots Pharmacies, I had come up empty. A large store called Big C’s has it. The woman at the desk pulled out a map showing me where it was. I needed to check in with Thai Airways for my flight. Their office was right near where I would get the boat to go into the city for Big C’s.

The flow was in full engagement mode now! After breakfast, I changed rooms. On the way out of the hotel, I found transportation to the airport Monday morning at 4:50 am. A shared mini-van for $150 TB will get me there in time rather than having to take a taxi for $550 TB plus tolls. Cool!

I got a mangy fruit shake on the corner and started walking. The taxi driver wanted $100 TB to take me less than a mile so I decided to walk. The Thai Airway office was closed, it’s Saturday here, but the security guards told me where the one was open and gave me a map.

After telling me I could not get there by canal boat or BTS Sky Train, I set off for the canal boat. What a cool way to travel around the city. Bangkok was once known as “Venice of the East” for all the canals. A few boats still operate and that’s what I was on. It dropped me 200 meters from Big C’s.

A short video of the canal boat:

Big C’s isn’t a store, it’s a massive shopping center! I stopped at information and asked for directions. Then, on a lark, I showed her the map of the Thai Airway office. It was on the same street but a couple miles away. She told me to take bus “7”. I looked up my phone map and showed it to her to confirm. “No, bus 77.”

I found Boots and they had one bottle of the coconut oil. Upstairs, I found another bottle at the supermarket pharmacy. When I asked the pharmacist if the store had packing I could wrap the bottle in to carry it home, he said something to his assistant. She pulled out a new shipment of bottles wrapped in bubble wrap, unwrapped the bottles, wrapped my bottle, put it in a bag and sent me on my way.

Out the door, down to the street, stopping at the bus stop and I looked up to see bus “77” approaching. Once seated, the ticket lady on board was completely confused about where I was going. However, the woman in front of me looked at the map, told the agent how far I was going and I paid my fare. Then, she told me she was getting off at the same stop. Before we arrived at it, the man sitting across from me pointed out the office for Thai Airways.

Flow, help showing in many forms, more flow, and I believe it was all because I shifted my focus and decided what I wanted rather than what I was worried about.

On the way back, I was able to take the BTS Sky train part way. Then had to walk through a mall where I discovered Krispy Kreme Donuts! Then was back on the canal boat, a motor cycle that was waiting, stopped for coconut fruit shake and was back at my hotel.

When I remember, and I set my intention for how I would like things to flow, things always flow well! I hit the pool. Then decided to go see my favorite massage place from my past couple visits and they had a table open. It was a really amazing massage. One table was open at Roti Mataba, a wonderful small Indian cafe overflowing with customers on weekends where I had dinner. Now, I’m unpacked and reorganized. Tomorrow, I load my pack for the flight home.

One more day here to play. I will go get on the water taxi if only for a fun ride. And as I walk in the morning, will carefully intend the other segments of the day I choose to experience.


Author: Larry Prochazka

Speaker and facilitator, international adventure traveler, a person engaged in living and being fully engaged in life. Varied and unusual life history including: wilderness leader, exploring natural healing, tractor driver, ranch sitter, corporate trainer, professional speaker, triathlete and trail runner, hiker, cook and baker, hammock lover and coffee master/barista. Life is to be lived and I’ve done my best to experience the variety of life. I love people, expanding my own experiences, growing and learning new things.

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