Ubud relaxing, exploring and connecting

No plans today!  Last night, Nyoman worked on me and it was very good!  Not much pain, energy good, body warm.  Great!

This morning, I relaxed with breakfast on my veranda.  I was a bit concerned about traffic and driving back to the big Bintang Store for things I forgot yesterday.  I went shopping last night after…that is after Nyoman worked on me.  I went for water, sim card, and maybe reading gasses.  I bought several kinds of packaged coffee, some cookies, batteries for the AC remote in my room which wasn’t working…and forgot all about water and sim card.  Spacey after the work.

Rhythm seems to be the order of the trip.  After missing my friend Mary Lee several times, I walked into the gallery as she was getting ready for lunch break.  Perfect!  Today, I left after writing and reading some and traffic was very light.

And I did remember water and other things!  Then I went looking for Kahiyang Coffee’s new place in town which is right next to the business selling sim cards for internet and phone in Indonesia.  Sim card…check!  Hug from Iwan…check!  Coffee with Iwan…check!  He’s making a special roast (beans for those who don’t know) for me to sample tomorrow.

I did go exploring for new options for where I want to stay next!  Found a lovely and quiet little spot on the rice fields but the manager wasn’t there so I was not able to reserve!  Tomorrow!

Lazy day of errands, coffee, visiting friends, exploring new areas, reading and serendipity.  I walked into Bali Buda as two young ladies came in with packs having just arrived.  I was able to help them get an idea of where they could stay in their budget.  Had to settle for chocolate mud cake as Bali Buda was out of carrot cake!  Tough adjustment!

On my way back, I stopped to say hello and good night to Nyoman and Wayan at Sandat Bali.  Nyoman put me back on the table to continue working what he started yesterday.  Was more painful tonight but feels great now!

Tomorrow morning I go see my friend Eddy in Sukawati!  He’s great and I’m looking forward to the treatment!  Very special.

Continuing on the international connections, in the past couple days I’ve met people from India, Paris, Guadeloupe Islands, Hungry, Slovenia, Australia, Argentina and Holland.  Such inspiring connections!


Author: Larry Prochazka

Speaker and facilitator, international adventure traveler, a person engaged in living and being fully engaged in life. Varied and unusual life history including: wilderness leader, exploring natural healing, tractor driver, ranch sitter, corporate trainer, professional speaker, triathlete and trail runner, hiker, cook and baker, hammock lover and coffee master/barista. Life is to be lived and I’ve done my best to experience the variety of life. I love people, expanding my own experiences, growing and learning new things.

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    1. I was and am! Had a massage yesterday. Quiet day today then my back went out as I got off my motorbike at Nyoman’s. He put me on the table and fixed me up. Perfect timing! Each day feels like that!

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