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Tonight, when I was visiting with Christian and learned that he is a website designer, he offered to help me learn about menu’s. I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages and he showed me in 3 minutes. I was missing a step and had another out of order.

I’ve thinking about writing some travel tips. Two years ago, my friend Mary Darling was asked to share some travel advice for Bali. She wrote and asked if I had any tips to share. I wrote several pages and am now thinking about what I’d like to share here.
Ignore much of the advice you hear or read. Listen instead to your own internal intuition. If you are drawn to a place, go. If someone tells you how terrible it is and you still feel drawn, GO! I returned to Ubud from a trip up North to Lovina, Bali and ran into a couple friends at the restaurant. They had just returned from a trip and were pretty bored with it, didn’t like it much at all. When I asked where they were, “Lovina”, they replied.

I wondered how such a wonderful experience for me was so terrible to them and asked them a few questions. They hired a driver who took them to A hotel with A pool and they stayed there for three days. That’s what they experienced mostly.

For my trip, I bought a ticket with Perama Bus, met two new friends on the bus (Julia from Germany and Aarnes from Findland), got transported from the bus station to the area of Kalibukbuk, wandered down the street until we found a reasonable hotel with rooms on the second floor catching the ocean breezes and stumbled in the Sea Breeze restaurant for some of the best calamari I have ever had.

Keep in mind that Lovina is 10 to 12 kilometers long! There are a lot of different experiences in that few kilometers. Ours included renting motor bikes, visiting the only Buddhist Temple in Bali, a trip to the Hot Springs, another trip to the water fall and then an amazing snorkeling trip. I was reluctant to leave I had such a nice experience!

Have the experience you want to have, take other’s advice for what is it (their opinion) and not as an absolute description of reality. Then, feel where you want to go!

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