Hot Flashes and SORE Muscles

Yesterday was a day for visiting healers here. At 8:30, I drove over to Wayan’s for the trip to visit the Holy Knife. I wanted to take the motor bike so I could come back slowly taking photo’s. She was a bit in disarray having lost the phone number for her driver Mario. By 9:00, she still hadn’t found it and Deanne had arrived and was waiting. Eventually, I decided to go on by myself fairly confident that I could find it. Deanne has more time here and considered riding with me. However, I wanted to linger my way back and felt it really is better to have Wayan there to translate at least for your first session or two in order to hear comments the Holy Knife makes while working on you.

He chattered away with me yesterday. I remembered the way there because we had ridden it by motor bike on our trip to Tanah Lot two days ago. Some of the “Ogoh Ogho’s” were still there and provided great landmarks! The “Ogoh Ogho” are effigies of demons they parade the night before NYEPI for their New Year here which fell on last Saturday. The silent “Ogoh Ogoh” remain silently standing in many villages.

Across a bridge that I remembered after 20 minutes or so on my motor bike, I started looking for an alley on my left with a bright orange/reddish water tank on top of the opposite side of the street. I found it, drove down the alley and walked back in to see the Holy Knife wearing my sarong and sash.

To visit a temple or ceremony here means to dress properly. In the case of temples, shoulders are to be covered as well as knees. When I visited the Holy Knife before, I wore a tank top and he asked me to remove it. I wore my new sarong with the sash tied around the waist. The body has two regions here, the lower region which is considered “dirty” and the upper region which is considered holy. Thus the sash to separate the two parts of the body.

He was working with an older woman when I arrived and smiled at me. When they finished, I watched them go through the prayer ceremony I would do when finished. A blessing with incense, special water is poured into the hands three times and sipped, a fourth time it’s poured and used to cleanse the head and flowers are used for saying prayers.

It was my turn and he smiled while nodding for me to join him. I sat facing away from him and could see his eyes defocus already as if he were looking off in the distance as he gazed at my energy. His hands tapped the surface of my back from place to place reaching my neck when he let out an excited “Ohhhhhh!” and started talking in Bahasa. I knew whatever followed next would hurt but only for a little bit. He placed his kriss on the spot where my head meets the neck and on the right side of my spine. It was very tender and painful. He removes the kriss/knife and repeats several times until the energy shifts. As he does so, he chuckles.

The last time I was there, I learned that chuckling with him helps release the energy. This time, I couldn’t help myself as he continued to feel his way around my body, letting go with another excited “Ohhhhhh” before working on the next spot.

He finished with several spots very low on my back and I turned around. More spots were discovered, more chuckling and pain, more heat arose. Every time I’ve worked with him, I’ve become extremely hot, almost as if a fever has temporarily invaded my body. It was morning and cool. I was burning up and sweating. My entire body felt like it was emitting a field of hot energy.

When he got to my foot, he found an especially tender spot where my reflexologist worked. Tender as it was, the energy passed immediately and he worked his way up my right leg. He poked and prodded a lot around the right knee finding many spots to work with. I could feel the tightness along those muscles relax the moment he finished. Then, he continued on up toward the hip and found the exact spot which has been painfully tight.

With that he finished working on me, laughing and smiling and grabbing my legs seemingly to say how good of shape I am in. We did our prayers after that.

In the afternoon, I met my friend Mary to go visit the Maharsi. I posted a file describing her yesterday. We arrived and waited. Over an hour later, after a peaceful wait, she arrived. The ceremony she was doing at the temple was stopped for rain. The man who works with her had called to say they were late. Mary and I sat and talked. Patience is an important part of life here. Schedules don’t mean a whole lot! It’s not a place for impatience or rigidity.

When she arrived, we sat and talked for a long time. I assumed we were waiting for others to arrive. An hour later, she asked if we were ready? I wasn’t sure what I was “ready” for but I was. Mary explained a little about the process when Maharsi simply described it as being “like a shower”. I knew it would be wet so brought extra clothes to put on.

We were about to experience a Malukat which is a form of energy cleaning performed by a priest or priestess for cleansing the Spiritual and energy space around the body. In Mexico, they do something vaguely similar called a “limpia” which is a cleansing as well.

Here’s a larger version of the photo of Maharsi:

Watching the Maharsi pray is like watching a performance. Her hands move so gracefully though “mudra’s” which all are considered to carry different energy. She is praying and speaking while doing so with the softest look of grace on her face. Then, she prayed over Mary first before dong the malukat with me. Gently pouring water over the head a little at a time while reciting different prayers, I felt a chill. Some chills are physical, others rise from deeper in the being like when you get goose bumps. That deeper chill is what I felt. What a special experience.

Last night, after having those two sessions in one day, I was a bit disoriented and had to really concentrate even deciding where to eat or if I was hungry. That little decision took a lot of energy. I had a good dinner and wandered home to jump in the pool again. Water always helps clear the energy and was so refreshing after a full day. My friends Maks and Yelena from Russia came and joined me at the pool for a while.

This morning, I was so sore! I was never really touched like with the reflexologist or with massage but my muscles ached. My hips and low back were sore, my shoulders ached more than anything, the base of the neck where the Holy Knife started was tender to the touch!

I jumped into the pool around 7:00 to wake me up and after the rain last night, the pool was really cold! Now, as I’m finishing writing this, most of the soreness has passed. The only soreness I’m feeling at the moment is the soreness of sitting too long so I’ll shift that and go do something.

This being my last full day in Ubud and with a motor bike, I’ll probably go do a little exploring. There is a temple not too far carved out of stone and beyond that, a spring where people go for the holy water. If the sun came back out, I’d be tempted to spend hours lounging by the pool and enjoying the opportunity to do so before returning to Colorado in five days!

Healing and healers

Yesterday, I stopped by to say hello to Wayan. She was busy but told me to come back in two hours at 5:00 pm and we’d go see the Holy Knife. He’s a village spiritual priest and does work with people on the spiritual energy causing or effecting their physical health. Many cultures around the world including many in the US feel that before an illness shows up physically, something is out of balance in the energy body. Carolyn Myss wrote about that in “The Anatomy of Spirit”.

She was working long distance with a doctor who would call, give Carolyn a patient’s first name and ask her intuitively to describe what she saw going on in the energy of the patient. For over a year, Carolyn never received any feedback on the accuracy or helpfulness of her intuitive impressions. The book describes not only the accuracy of what she provided as a medical intuitive but also points out how healing the body requires healing the energy wound that’s leaking energy off the physical body.

The Holy Knife uses a “kris” knife in his healing touching the body where he senses the energy is stuck and needs assistance. The last time I was there with Wayan and two others, I was able to watch how his eyes focused when he was working on someone. He wasn’t looking at the body, he was gazing off in the distance either looking beyond the body or in the space between himself and the patient.

I saw him several times and he was instrumental in helping my back heal. When I was working with Dr. Fritz at home, I told him one day that my back pain made no sense to me. I was riding my mountain bike a lot, physically in great condition and getting stronger, had just bought a new bed replacing my very well aged futon, taking nutritional supplements, doing daily stretching and consistently getting my abdominal workout. I told him there had to be something else contributing to the pain.

When I saw the Holy Knife, he went right to the energy and started talking about energy of jealously and envy that was stuck there from when I was in my later teens. In high school, I got picked on a lot for being a dumb “Bohunk”. Fed up with it one day, I could have taken a swing at my friend. Instead, I internalized an “I’ll show you” feeling. The next year, I was an All-State football player, All-conference basketball player, finished second in state in the javelin throw and felt like a celebrity with the daily arrival of letters offering me a scholarship or at least a visit. The first letter to arrive was from the U.S. Naval Academy!

The Holy Knife worked to release that energy and between working with him, Eddy for the physical adjustments and Dr. Fritz back home, my low back rarely bothers me. During the 40 hours of travel to get here on this trip, it never once even tightened up.

In a hour, I’ll follow Wayan and her patient out there with my motor bike and stroll back taking photo’s of the rice fields in the country side.

This afternoon, I’ll go see a young woman referred to as the Maharesi. She was depressed and fell into a coma when she was 21. When she awoke, she spoke 14 languages and possessed knowledge Hindu priests study a life time to learn and master. She was tested for her knowledge, passed the test and accepted into the High HIndu Priesthood.

She provides a “Melukat”, a Spiritual blessing and cleansing involving water and prayer. The intent is to cleanse (Melukat) the body, the energy field of the body and the aura of any negative energy. It is an opportunity to go back through accumulated experience, release any negative or confusing energy and return the body to the purity of birth. I am going this afternoon to cleanse my energy and to start the new year here with that blessing. Remember, last Saturday’s festival of NYEPI is the first day of the Balinese New Year. This will be my initiation into the new year.

Many years ago, I was traveling through Florida when I read about a Medicine Wheel Gathering with Sun Bear. I arrived early, volunteered to help and had some amazing experiences there meeting Grandmother Twyla Nitsch (Seneca Medicine Woman), Grandfather Black Elk (Lakota Medicine Man) and many others. One thing that struck me about these “powerful” people was how humble they were. Rumor has it that one man came out of a sweat lodge with Grandfather Black Elk and later offered him a $100 bill in appreciation. Grandfather reportedly turned and tossed it into the fire thanking the man and reminding him the Great Spirit was who he should be thanking. I sensed the same egoless humility in the Maharsi. It felt like she was a vessel for healing information and processes to flow through. Her presence reminded me of other egoless healers I’ve met.

Here’s some more information on the Maharsi written by Gusti, contributed to by others and posted here with Gusti’s approval. A little book on Ida Resi Alit

I hope tomorrow to see Eddy one more time and then have written for an appointment at Jari Menari in Seminyak (not far from where I’ll be staying in Kuta). Jari Menari has won numerous awards for the quality of their massage and the training they provide. Check them out: Jari Menari

For two days now, I feel small rushes of energy moving through my body. This has happened since my sessions with Nyoman. I’m especially aware of a really warm heat rising occasionally on the soul of my left foot. Sometimes it even happens when I’m walking!

This has been quite an auspicious ending to my lovely trip! I wonder what other surprises continue to be in store for me?

Back home in Ubud

I’ve only been in Ubud a few days and time seems to be flying by. Now that I’m here, I’m not traveling anymore. I’ve got no more long bus rides, don’t plan to involve any ferries, no flights to book, lodging it taken care of and my most demanding activity is deciding if to get a motor bike today and where to explore.

Once I arrived here at Dewa’s Bungalows, I felt like I was arriving home! My room was ready, the same room I had last time below the swimming pool. Bayu carried my stored pack to the room for me. After a quick change, I plunged into the pool to relieve the heat on what has been the hottest day of my trip so far. Not the muggiest but the most intense heat. I’ll soak a bit of that for my friends struggling with another cold wave this week in the US.

I’ve found several local warung, small family owned restaurants, that serve tasty and inexpensive food. Now I know where to go for a treat when I want a nice cappuccino or croissant or a simple salad and dinner. The warung closest to Dewa’s, I discovered my last visit, also makes chai tea! It’s a delicious recipe, served in a large cup and half the price of the tourist restaurants. They also have free WiFi which is faster than the connection here at Dewa’s. I hung out there the other night sipping chai or my fresh lemon juice, having a lite dinner and writing for three hours.

My first day here, Sunday morning, I had an 8:00 appointment with Eddy the healer in Sukawati. It was great seeing Eddy once again and as usual, he zoomed right in on what was going on with my body. I felt lighter and more at ease all day after seeing him and will go back this morning in a half an hour or so for my second session. There are several things going on in my body, nothing causing problems, just out of balance. And it turns out all of them are related to the same meridian. This morning, I’m having my first acupuncture session from him to work that whole system.

Yesterday was city day, I drove into Denpasar on my motorbike to pick up the new external hard drive to replace the faulty one I bought in Sulawesi. I called, well, really, Bayu called on his phone. Bernard told me the drive was in and sitting on his desk.

There was no hurry really in going to get it! However, it felt important to complete this “Mission” and have it out of the way. I left feeling a little more confident in knowing where I was headed. As I followed the correct turns and got on the main road heading all the way into Denpasar, a rider pulled up beside me and gave me a thumbs up. Then he slowed and asked me where I was going. When I told him, he confirmed I was on the right road and told me what sign to look for before saying good bye and turning off the road. It seemed I had help before even asking this time!

It didn’t take long reaching Denpasar this time and I didn’t get lost on the way! That quickly changed when I made a wrong turn and eventually had NO idea where I was and began repeating the process I’d learned earlier of asking everyone for directions.

Here’s the cycle: stop ask and get closer; stop, ask, confirm and get a little closer; repeat until arrival. I got to the place and was out 9 minutes later with my new hard drive. I wasn’t at all sure that my communication last time was clear, had send a confirmation email to Bernard and never heard from him. I didn’t know if I was getting an exact replacement or if he understood I wanted the upgraded model.

He grabbed a box that looked just like the one my old drive came in and I decided to be OK with whatever he had gotten for me. Then, I noticed it looked different, smaller and more compact. He brought it to the computer, plugged it in, tested it and handed it to me. I paid him the extra $5.00 US for the drive, a much lower price than if I purchased one retail and left.

Outside, I debated getting on my motor bike and heading straight back for Ubud? Since I was already here and remembering what persistence did for me last time, I decided to head off for the market and to look for glasses. Asking directions, I was lost in a few turns. Asking again, and turning some more, I was more lost. Into a computer store and they turned me around telling me to turn left at the next round about. There were six streets coming into the round about and I wasn’t sure which left to take?! So, I took the next left.

Down a tiny side road knowing this was no where near where I wanted to be, I stopped at a paint shop. One poor lady came out of the office and was completely confused by my question in English. I knew a couple land mark businesses in the area I wanted to go so mentioned those. She got on the phone and called someone. Then someone came out of the back room. Then someone came from the back of the business. Now, I had a team of five people, one of whom talked enough English to help and explain how far I needed to go! I set off once again, clear for at least the next little way until I stopped again. When I left the paint shop, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what part of town I was in or how to get back to Ubud from here. But, I knew I would know!

Eventually, I managed to drive completely around where I wanted to be until I got a one way street the right way and pulled into the parking lot. Getting off my motor bike, my flip flop blew out! Now, it’s only a flop but not completely. I went into the shopping area looking for glasses and decided I needed lunch first. Great choice!

I did manage to find the ingredients in the supermarket for the Dadar Guling coconut desert I love. No glasses, no flip flops, more directions and more stops. After three more stops for flip flops, I found none my size and realized mine are repairable. Four more stops at “Optiks” shops and I didn’t find any glasses I really liked.

ENOUGH! It was now nearly 4:00 and time to go home. I got on the right road and missed a turn. After a long ride, I got in to unfamiliar territory?! It sort of looked familiar but not really. I stopped and learned I was in Sukawati and that the market was just ahead of me. That meant Eddy was just ahead of that! I stopped, made an appointment for 8:00 the following morning for an acupuncture session and headed back to Ubud!

Once again, the pool was a life saver. A quick plunge, immediately cooled off, floating for a while and then listening to my intuition.

This morning, I said hello to the woman staying in the other portion of my bungalow. Her name is Jude, she’s from Dublin, Ireland and living in Melbourne, Australia after having taught English in South Korea for several years. A quick hello turned into a 90 minute conversation. Another wonderful connection.

After my dip in the pool, while I still had the motor bike (which needed to be back by 6:30 so Bayu could ride home), I kept feeling the urge to go see Wayan. I listened, drove over and walked right into Wayan finishing with Jude! We made arrangements to go see the “Holy Knife” with Wayan this evening for a healing session and my friend Mary will join us.

I took the bike back, met Jude for a coffee at Moka Restaurant and we sat there talking for several hours. I walked Jude back to Dewa’s and continued to Artini’s Restaurant and Market, one of the locally owned restaurants for simple, healthy and inexpensive food. It was nearly 9:00 pm but I needed something. A lemon juice and tuna salad satisfied my craving and I went home to rest up for Eddy.

Soon, I’ll post something I’ve thought about since I was in graduate school. With all the amazing connections recently, the idea has popped back up in my mind so I’ll organize my thoughts and feelings a bit and post it later.