Gratitude, “being” and a cool video

A friend recently sent this to me. I resonate with the message very strongly. Today is November 29th. I returned to the US from my trip to Indonesia and Malaysia March 15th. The shock of returning was more disruptive than I had imagined.

Everything here in the US is so rushed. People are constantly running about with little time available to “BEING”. The one word I hear most here in the US I never heard in 3 1/2 months of travel: BUSY! It seems that being busy is a reward in itself. But what about living and being joyful?

People in the US seem driven to get somewhere, do something, or achieve something and that driving force interferes with being. A friend in California told me succinctly that she was tired of people blaming “time” for their life and busyness. She explained: people say they don’t have time for things in their life. They don’t have time to eat right, time to meditate and de-stress, time to exercise, time to do many of the things they want to do. TIME doesn’t make people’s decisions for them, they do.

So what is driving the decisions? Often and perhaps in most cases, something beneath full consciousness is driving decisions. Some “should” or deeply ingrained “ought to”, lingering just beyond the clarify of consciousness, is driving decisions. To this day, my father at 89 had an extremely difficult time doing nothing and feels at loss not being busy. He’ll jump up and putz with anything and often for hours rather than settle comfortably into being. Once when I was visiting them at home years ago, lounging on the couch with a good book, he stopped and told me he wishes he could do what I do? Confused, I asked him what he meant. “Sit, relax and read a book” is what he said. He feels anxious doing nothing.

At this moment, he’s doing an admirable job of being because mom is in rehab, he’s 265 miles from home and there is little “doing” available to him. He remains restless. Why? What makes “being” such an uncomfortable state?

When I traveled in Indonesia and Malaysia, I was immersed in being. People had time and were present. If you smiled they smiled with you. Even though we didn’t speak the language, we had a connection. When I stopped somewhere to eat, I could sit and read all day. They would NEVER hurry me out so they could turn the table.

Reflecting on being versus doing, this video showed up yesterday. Here it is for you to enjoy.

One thing I marvel at when I return home: running water. Amazing what we have her in safe, drinkable and hot water that much of the world will never experience!

Have a pleasant experience of being grateful!

In the middle of no where….

Yesterday, I was involved in an accident. Fortunately, it was a very minor thing but it was still a bit shattering emotionally. I believe everything happens for a reason. Listening on my recent trip, moving when I felt inspired worked perfectly and all sorts of magic occurred.

Yesterday, I looked at a box I put together several weeks ago to mail to a friend. It’s been sitting there as I took off to Kansas to see my parents, came back to yard work, and got busy with other things. Yesterday, it screamed at me, “Today! Take me to the Post Office!” I obliged by going through to make sure everything was in there, typing up a note to put with it, and writing out a mailing label.

Putting in a note is important to me. Occasionally I get a package from a friend that doesn’t include anything personal. That’s always felt weird to me, sort of like getting a printed Christmas Card inside a printed envelope with a printed brief message and a printed photo. Those cards feel like a formality, “Do the Christmas card thing: check” rather than an attempt for any sort of personal interaction.

Occasionally, i get I packet from a client including a personalized note. That note took seconds to write but those notes always carry deeper meaning than what was sent!

So I took the time to write a note and say hello, taped up the package and headed to the Post Office. One block form my home, I stopped at the stop sign. Looking both ways and seeing a clear path, I started across the intersection only to look up and see a motor cycle right in front of me!!! I stopped but we still had a slight collision! I was dumbfounded by the fact that I had clearly looked right and seen NOTHING coming my way! How could that be possible???

Then again, if everything happens for a reason, there is a reason this happened at the exact moment and circumstance it did. I was emotionally shocked and then had to deal with the adrenaline rush following any trauma. Fortunately, the motorcycle driver was fine, her bike had a dent in the cargo box and the plexiglass shield broke when the bike fell over.

Moving to the side of the road and out of traffic, I heard her say, “I’ll die on this thing one day”. WOW, I was surprised. There is a power to the words we speak! Once the adrenaline rush wore off and emergency staff arrived, we got all the accident details worked out, I wondered if I cooperated in this accident because it could be gentle? There is a power to words and life shows up in relation to our expectations! I’ve known that as an athlete, I’ve known that as a speaker, and I’ve learned to be very aware of the words I speak and the thoughts that accompany them as they form my life.

What we speak and think becomes self-fulfilling. Only experiences and events in alignment with where we are can show up in our lives. We don’t even notice anything else. Focusing on the possible, dreaming the impossible, finding the positive in every moment, noticing the things in life to be grateful for and to appreciate, those choices all create a positive vibration in life. Focusing on what’s wrong, what’s hurting, what there is to worry about, what’s wrong in the world, all those thoughts create a vibration as well.

Both vibrations attract what shows up in our lives! Remember the often referred to quote from “Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you’re right’. Or the following play on words.

“You can find yourself in the middle of no where.


In the middle of no where, you can find yourself!”

Pay attention to what you pay attention to! Notice the words that come out of your mouth. What story are you telling? What vibration are you bringing into your life with that story? What story do you want to be telling?

My friend Jill forwarded a video to me from YouTube about “The Power of Words”. I’m posting it here for your enjoyment:

Really amazing! And….not that long ago!

Cleaning up my office, I came across this from a handout I had on file:

Let’s say you’re going to a party, so you pull out some pocket change and buy a little greeting card that plays “Happy Birthday” when it’s opened. After the party, someone casually tosses the card into the trash, throwing away more computer power than existed in the entire world before 1950.

WOW! That really is amazing!

Everything is Amazing!

If you haven’t seen this clip, it’s really good. How quickly people feel entitled by new technology and forget where we have some from. Technology is meant to help life, not take it over. Use it wisely, stay present, be aware in THIS moment and let technology serve you where it improves your life!