Seven days to lift off….YIKES!

Excited, nervous and mostly ready, I’m amazed at how quickly the past few months have flown by. One week from now, I’ll be landing in San Francisco where I wait five hours to lift off for Singapore. Five hours after I land there, I’ll be going to do Kuala Lumpur where my adventure begins.

From my past couple experiences, I’ve learned to take some time and acclimate. Really, I mean actually do very little, rest and let my body catch up. It will be about 40 hours of travel time to get there. The time change is 15 hours ahead of Colorado time so my body will be wondering WHAT’S up for the first couple days. The past couple trips, I’ve hit the ground running and jumped immediately into adventures. When I landed in Hanoi, a particularly bad stretch of weather was breaking up meaning it was perfect timing to see Halong Bay and to go to Sapa for trekking. About 10 days later, I suddenly realize I was exhausted and needed to find a spot to settle in and unwind. I was near the beach and had a wonderful place to do that with a motor bike rented to transport me around and a great massage place across the road.

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