Sulawesi and Togian Islands

I stumbled upon this place by accident.  A friend mentioned it to me before I left for my trip.  Duly noted and filed away but without giving it much thought, I set off.

Then, as my trip unfolded and things played out differently than I had anticipated yet perfectly in the moment, I came across the name again.  Borneo didn’t take as much time to see as I had imagined.  After a couple days difficulty trying to find an island in SE Malaysian Borneo, I opted to fly to Manado and head to Bunaken Island there for snorkeling.

Suddenly, I had time to see the entire length of Sulawesi.  When I left Manado heading South, no one knew the ferry schedule for sure.  So, I found a ride in a group car, headed South, arrived in Gorontolo and came upon Hotel Melati which I had heard of before.

They were a wealth of information about transportation, islands and such.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the information I received earlier was false and I had an extra day in a town that had virtually nothing to do.  So, I did relatively nothing!  Laundry, eating, walking and searching for a good internet connection.  I also wanted to get extra cash as there are no ATM’s on the islands.  Getting cash for a clean and crisp $100 bill proved impossible.  I happened to have a bill that was not 2003 so they wouldn’t take it.

Funny and cool!  I didn’t need to cash the bill there and the fact they wouldn’t cash it meant it was an area not swamped with tourist!  I smiled!

After an overnight ferry ride, I was able to visit three different spots on the island.  Here are some photo’s from that experience.  And I’m playing with alternative photo management systems so that’s the primary reason I wrote this.  Enjoy!