Purposeful Living

For many years, I’ve had this question in the back of my mind:  “what makes a purposeful life”?  I don’t mean what do other people think that means but what does that mean to me?  I read a parenting book once titled “The Winning Family” in which the author asks a question about what you believe.  Clarifying her question, she wrote “I mean what do YOU belive, not what you have been talked into believing”.

Purposeful living has to matter to you personally.  Every action you  make, every choice and decision you make, is based on some kind of motive.  The motive in the US often seems “how can I survive this day” or “hang on until the weekend” or “wait until I retire” or how can I make more money, motives that once met generally leave a person feeling unfulfilled.

When I was in Bali, the primary motive every day is to live in harmony.  They took the bombings in Kuta as a sign of losing contact with their spiritual roots and applied greater vigor to their daily practice.

Here, I’ll be curious to explore what drives you?  What contributes to a meaningful life?  What’s the balance between THINKING about it and feeling in your gut when you are on the right path?  During today’s challenging environment, economic challenges, little job security, financial challenges, uncertainty, questionable housing market, etc, I run into many people reflecting on what really matters in life.

How about you?

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  1. Yes, I did check this out. Sorry I did not send you a note. I really liked the travel map…very cool. Here is to deliberate living! kathy

  2. I have to agree with you, Larry. Far too often we let the never -ending external noise that surrounds our daily lives dictate what life means to us.

    Personally, I find that the details to the question change with time, but the basic outline remains the same – to live a regret-free life full of adventure, reflection, and curiosity.

    1. Lots of noise around and combine that with a societal demand for keeping “busy”, it can really keep a person from developing a relationship with them self. Being conscious, staying present and knowing whether I’m choosing in this moment or being driven are things that I rely on. I’m also being more intentional about the energy I choose to color the next “segment” of my life. Very interesting experience when I remember to do that!
      Enjoy the day….Larry

  3. A purposeful life… A question you proposed in 2001 on a beach in southern Mexico as we shared a meal and began a friendship. It was my first travel, journey, quest of self discovery for a farm boy from rural Tennessee. That journey continues today and still it is the man in the mirror that holds the secrets for which I search. He is the great shaman, the wise teacher, the sage in the mountains; yet he is the most difficult to corner so that I may look deeply into his eyes and question, learn. Being one captured by belief that Christ reset the balance of the creator and the creation, it is his greatest teaching that directs me toward purpose…Love self, Love others, Love god. This journey of mine continues to direct me through each experience, each reflection, that it is acceptance, grace and love for self, myself, that ignites the purpose, the passion, the freedom to live openly, honestly, and fully within life and spirit. The man in the mirror may well hold the key to engaging and loving others, to deeply understanding and enjoying this created experience called life and the freedom to dance with the divine.

    Thoughts from a farmer….just heading out to feed the cows..(and dance with the divine.)

    Onward with the travels my friend…Godspeed

    1. I just saw Larry’s blog post on Facebook and was reading the comments. Great site! Not sure if you, Jim, will see this from me. You are a great writer and I always loved the way you expressed yourself in words. Lots of passion and truth there. Cheers. Laurel Bull

      1. Thanks Laurel! In the past three months, I’ve had nearly 300 subscribers…and I’ve not been writing anything?! Saturday, I’m off to Bali, then Northern Thailand and into Laos. I just posted a short video with an overview of my trip plans. Travel along with me! Hope you are doing great!

  4. Thanks for sharing. What really matters for me in life is when I am fully living that
    means when I in a flow of energy, things are rolling and I feel so intense every moment. Life gives meaning and life is not just passing, I am full aware of every moment and of all the feelings I am expierecing. And what makes me happy is knowing that happiness comes from within, and sharing and doing what I love and what my heart wants is also the key for me. Love Britta

    1. Hi Britta,
      Thanks Britta! I’ve had many great conversations lately about living fully. Travel gives immediate feedback on whether or not I’m in the flow! Do you have practice that helps you live from the place you describe or is it a moment to moment awareness with you? Any tips to share?

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