Koh Samet and photo’s

I moved rooms this morning after my early morning jaunt to the beach. Now, I’m practically sitting on the WiFi antenna! Let’s see if I can post photo’s now!

Contrary to a great deal of commentary describing Koh Samet in a negative light, I’m really enjoying it here! Had dinner last night with two people I met on the ferry, all the while wiggling my toes in some of the softest sand I’ve ever experienced! Lovely!

And, if you notice that my hair looks different in my photo’s, it does. I took the risk of having my hair cut at a barber in Chanthaburi. No English spoken, very busy place, they pointed to one barber on the end and he stood to help me. I lifted some hair and indicated how much I wanted removed! With great care and diligence, patient slow sweeps with the shears or scissors, he cut my hair. With the chair lowered as far as it would go, he was on tip toes to see the top. Finished, he removed the apron covering my shoulders and looked at me. My hair felt great. I gave him a thumbs up signal and used one of the few expressions I know in Thai, “di mak”..”very good”…and his smile beamed!

After a very noisy room on the main road in Chanthaburi, it’s so quiet here at night! I moved to a room on the second floor, larger, windows on two sides so very light and with a view. This morning, I went looking for several places recommended in Lonely Planet for breakfast. The one with fresh baked goods and great coffee had neither. Another was closed! One was open but I had too much coffee by then so will wait until tomorrow.

Information from travel books has been very sketchy this trip with the actual prices double or more than the price indicated in the books. Writer’s go on the road doing research, checking out hotels and restaurants and such. Then their information is put together and sent through the publishing channels. By the time that information actually gets put into print, it might be two or three years old! Thus, once again, the benefit of listening, staying present and seeing what unfolds in this moment…right now!

This morning, I found that there is a mini-bus right to the part of Bangkok I want to reach on Friday. It doesn’t leave until 1:30 pm. Dang, I’ll have to spend one more morning on the beach here!

Chanthaburi Photo’s:

Chanthaburi to Koh Samet:

Koh Samet:

Koh Samet Beach:

Now, off to my umbrella on the beach! Blessings!

Author: Larry Prochazka

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