Evening walking Queretaro

Surprise around the corner.

My final evening in Queretaro, I headed out wandering with my camera.  I did find the church where the thorns grow in the shape of the cross but the courtyard was closed.

My plan, turn left and walk!

There was one area I hadn’t explored much.  And Jesus, a man at the hostel, had recommended the area for night photo’s.  So off I went!

I hadn’t expected to see so many women wearing lovely dresses and men in suits but apparently that is what happens on Saturday night.

One surreal moment happened in front of the steps to a church.  A person was sleeping in front of the doors, apparently homeless.  A few meters away, a couple, seemingly not wanting to deal with parking, had a driver picking them up.  Wealth and poverty feet apart.  What makes the difference?

I left Queretaro yesterday and am now in San Miguel de Allende.  I saw Barbara and Thelma yesterday.  Thelma will be 98 in December and was in the same assisted living center as mom.  

This morning, I saw my friend Bonnie for coffee.  It’s always inspiring and very real spending time with Bonnie!

I’m now going out to explore and realize I could certainly use more time to see everything here!  

Now that I have been here, I know how easy it is to get here!



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