A different person going back to Colorado!

Some experiences can only be felt, never described!  Words can’t communicate what was experienced and felt.  That’s what I feel on my last evening in Ubud this trip.

Experience:  flow, magical connections, great conversations, amazing people, gratitude, each day an amazing surprise.  For example…

One morning, I drove to a coffee shop. Their machine wasn’t working. Hmmm, what to do? I drove to another shop. A couple comes in who are from Germany, wanting to live in Bali and are looking for a place to live. He’s working with hospital in Denpasar. She, a doctor, it between work and exploring. Great conversation and connection, at that precise moment, because an espresso machine wasn’t working.  I am connecting them with friends and healers that will help!

In Ubud, I see old friends who glow with excitement greeting me and sit holding my hand to talk. I dropped a napkin this morning and before I could reach to pick it up, a young woman standing by said, in her lilting sing-song Bali voice, “Not to worry!” and scooped it up. Two friends I have met here offered to take me to the airport, a grueling and pain in the ass drive! One healer yesterday suggested I had enough time to come back for one more session, today, before I leave tomorrow so he could see me.

The second time I visit restaurants, I’m greeted with “Hello friend!”. A busy intersection and I’m trying to find a space to cross when a happy friendly driver smiles while holding his hand palm down motioning for others to make space for me. Certainly not road rage!

I returned to a place I stayed early in my trip and the owner comes out of greet me with hands folded in front of chest in “prayer form” and bows deeply smiling at me, thanking me. And the most frequent question lately, since people know I am leaving, “when you come back”? Not five years!!

I visit Kahiyang with Mary.  A woman enters wearing a shirt with the word “Inspire” on the front.  She’s from Dubai and working here.  Great connection and conversation!  Each day is filled with the same energy:  authentic, nourishing, real and connected conversation!

Those descriptions are shallow compared to the feeling the actual encounter.  I’m at a loss for words because words can never transfer the experience.   It’s a feeling, an embrace, a heart energy unique to this place. Eyes light up when people smile. It’s as if their heart and Soul come out through their eyes.

Everyone’s eyes do that, something comes out of your eyes. You do that! You broadcast something via your eyes! Always! Every time! Think about that! What is it? Here it’s gentleness, connection caring and kindness. Here, when eyes sparkle and faces light up back at me, it feels like they broadcast love and caring.

Some tourist eyes communicate:  leave me alone; don’t get to close; I can’t trust you; I’m unhappy;  I’m in a hurry;  go away!

People are singing everywhere here, not self-conscious about their talent or lack of, simply joyful in the moment. Unbridles singing from an accountant, barista in a restaurant between customers, shop keepers on the side of the street, taxi drivers, it’s everywhere!

In the states, it feels more often like messages revolve around, “Sorry I’m so busy! Wish I had more time to see you. I don’t have time for myself and am surviving this day. Maybe I’ll catch up with you later (in months or years often).”

Here, it’s presence in the moment. Yesterday I watched people working on a construction site scooping rich by hand, putting into metal tubs, lifting it onto their heads and then walking to dump tin to a concrete mixer. They smiled at me! Acting as replacement beasts of burden, they smiled in the midst of tedious labor most Americans would consider beneath them

Amazing! And yes, those words don’t come close to describing the experience available here!

Don’t bring your busy hurried and hectic self if you come to visit! You’ll miss it. Don’t zoom through Bali DOING all the tourist things you imagined in only a few days. You’ll miss it.

I occasionally see some people here at Sandat Bali in the midst of what is an amazing experience and they rarely connect with it. You can see it in their walk. Hands swinging assertively, walking fast, head down, no hello to other guest or staff, hurrying off to their next yoga class or other experience.

To fully experience Bali, SLOW DOWN! Be more than you DO! Travel from your inner being, your “human being” state, not your “human doing” state! Go visit the little local warung’s on the back street rather than spend all your time in tourist areas. Those little local family places are not far away, within an easy walk, and they will reach out and touch you!

And, that feeling, this experience is up to me! Yesterday a massage therapist I love put her hands together and bowed when I stopped by to buy a massage as a gift for mama. She looked awkward when I gave her the money? Then she told me I had set her so many customers, she wanted to give me a free massage! Last night after my last session with papa, just him and I there in the healing room, he thanked me for being here, for all my help, for the people I have sent and for being his friend. Still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes reading that

I’m asked each morning how I am doing and of course I’m doing great! I am in Bali!!! Most days, it’s the same answer. I’m doing great because I choose to! It’s the place I choose to come from each day. Bring that with you! That energy will shape you an amazing experience here.

I came with a clear intention: to recharge and heal! I wanted to rest, restore my energy deeply and simply enjoy being here. I didn’t do any of the activities or travel I normally would do. Places like the hot springs and coffee country will wait for my next trip. Mountain biking down hill through local villages or travel to Menjangan to snorkeling or visiting Lovina will wait as well.

So I’ve been still, present, resting. The first week in Kuala Lumpur and here, I slept 12 hours a night. I continue to meditate and do my morning stretching. I’ve listened each morning to what feeling unfolds for the day. “What’s your program today” is the general morning question. My program: listen, stay present, enjoy, be joyful and flow with what unfolds.

And I’ve only worn shoes two or three times my entire trip!

Perfect plan for this trip to Bali!  Rest, healing, restoration and connecting!

And having fulfilled that intention on every level, I’m returning home a different person than the one that left to come here! Ahhhhh!

Thank you Bali!

Author: Larry Prochazka

Speaker and facilitator, international adventure traveler, a person engaged in living and being fully engaged in life. Varied and unusual life history including: wilderness leader, exploring natural healing, tractor driver, ranch sitter, corporate trainer, professional speaker, triathlete and trail runner, hiker, cook and baker, hammock lover and coffee master/barista. Life is to be lived and I’ve done my best to experience the variety of life. I love people, expanding my own experiences, growing and learning new things.

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