Crema on espresso!

I had a question posted on my YouTube page regarding no cream on espresso brewed with the same machine I have. Initially, I posted a written answer there. Then I realized, it’s probably more helpful to see how I do it with suggestions and tips rather than words alone

Here’s a short video I posted to help any barista get better quality espresso.

Author: Larry Prochazka

Speaker and facilitator, international adventure traveler, a person engaged in living and being fully engaged in life. Varied and unusual life history including: wilderness leader, exploring natural healing, tractor driver, ranch sitter, corporate trainer, professional speaker, triathlete and trail runner, hiker, cook and baker, hammock lover and coffee master/barista. Life is to be lived and I’ve done my best to experience the variety of life. I love people, expanding my own experiences, growing and learning new things.

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