Hello World!

I decided to set up this site for several reasons.  One of the things that has always interested me is having a purposeful life.  I’ve felt blessed in being able to do that and would like to learn from others what helps them feel purposeful in their living?  In the past, I’ve had a couple travel blogs.  They were often buried in some service and limited in what I could offer and how.  Honestly, part of that was because of the convenience of leaving ALL electronics at home when I travel!  That’s about to change as I’ll now have my own laptop, rechargeable batteries for camera, iPod, cables, etc.  My next trip will be an enormous leap in that regard!  Traveling lightly will be completely redefined.

I have so many interest, ideas, experiences, and things I am passionate about.  I’d like this site to be a place to combine all aspects of my life into one location.  More than a simple travel blog, I want to develop this into a place where I can capture some stories from over 20 years speaking, training and facilitating; post some of my suggestions related to coffee and making great coffee; share meaningful quotes and insights regarding purposeful living and being present; and resources that have nourished me and will perhaps do the same for you.

Now, the journey is beginning!