Making great milk to compliment espresso…

Sampling coffee with Pong at Cafe Libernard, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Later last night, after wrestling with getting my simple 3 minute video uploaded, I had another important awareness pop in. It’s my sincere belief that most coffee shops do harm to their coffee drinks by improperly steaming milk.

I can hear, the moment I walk into a coffee shop, whether or not I’m going to order anything milk based. Loud, jet engine sounds coming from the espresso machine, milk screaming and no one paying any attention….I’ll order an Americano, chai or a tea.

It’s really not that hard. It requires caring and being able to pay attention to what you are doing. Thus inspired, I made another video, this time about the method of steaming and texturing milk.

Milk can only merge with air bubbles when it is cold. Once the milk has warmed, if a barista continues aerating the milk, they are simply cooking out all the sweetness.

So, here’s another video with that idea in mind!

Crema on espresso!

I had a question posted on my YouTube page regarding no cream on espresso brewed with the same machine I have. Initially, I posted a written answer there. Then I realized, it’s probably more helpful to see how I do it with suggestions and tips rather than words alone

Here’s a short video I posted to help any barista get better quality espresso.

Working with my new Oscar II

I received this machine about six months ago. My old Oscar ran into trouble. I still have it waiting for me to get to repairing it with some new parts. In the mean time, I love this machine. Here’s a short video giving an overview of it in my kitchen.