A bit of exploring today!

It’s the eve of mom and dad’s anniversary.  This would have been 67!  Happy anniversary mom and dad!  I can feel your presence tuning into my trip and looking over my shoulder, smiling with me!

My list of things I want to accomplish before I leave here has very little left on it.  Today, I had my best cappuccino in Ubud!  Thank you Eric!  He asked me, shyly, if I could help him some more.  I did today.  He packed extra coffee into the portafilter, textured the milk, and it was the best cappuccino I have had here.  Great coffee flavor!  Sweet milk!  Lovely texture!  Lots of love in that cup as well!

I’m planning to visit Erma and help her learn to make her own Chai.  I’ve got an ancient Yogi Tea recipe plus a Nepal recipe, both explaining the health benefits of the ingredients and what they do for the body.  She has had people ask her about chai but isn’t sure what it is.  With fresh ingredients available year round here, it should be a snap to make her own.

Went North today!  Lots of shades of green!  Quieter up there, rice fields, fair amount of development and lots of quiet and peace.  Here’s what it looked like.

I’m so happy I decided to stay here at Sandat Bali!  I was going to stay for a couple days and then move.  Mama really wanted me to stay here and put me in a lovely, large room on the quietest part of the property.  It’s been perfect.  More money than I wanted to pay however, it’s completely in keeping with my intention to have peace and quiet and healing time to restore my energy.  Plus, I feel so loved here!

I did a small photo safari of their place today.  Have a look at what I experience every time I walk through the property.

And a few miscellaneous views of some of the creativity I’ve seen in the area the past couple days.

Feels like ages since I left and it feels like I fit in perfectly with this community!  Can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks since I left!  So different now!  Amazing conversations, authentic connections, love and support from new friends, amazing life enrichment experience!


Author: Larry Prochazka

Speaker and facilitator, international adventure traveler, a person engaged in living and being fully engaged in life. Varied and unusual life history including: wilderness leader, exploring natural healing, tractor driver, ranch sitter, corporate trainer, professional speaker, triathlete and trail runner, hiker, cook and baker, hammock lover and coffee master/barista. Life is to be lived and I’ve done my best to experience the variety of life. I love people, expanding my own experiences, growing and learning new things.

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