Unpredictable journey home!

My flight was really early!  The express train direct left later than I wanted.  I decided to take the SkyBus from KL Sentral to the airport.  My last evening, with free time on my hands, I took the LRT rail to KL Sentral to shop for travel food and verify the bus schedule.  They confirmed the early start.  Even the people at the hostel confirmed that start later.  Perfect….or so I thought!

I stayed up late in a first time effort to adjust my internal clock before coming back to the US.  I slept for an hour and a half and woke at 2:30 am.  Awake, I decided to shower and head out early.  By 3:10, I was checked out and walking to the LRT station which is a very short walk from the hostel.  It was closed!  Surprised, I walked to the other entrance.  Closed also, no LRT this early!!!  Guess I need a taxi?

Walking back toward the street, I saw a taxi drive past me and head off on a side street.  No traffic at 3:20 am!  But I know that things are always working out for me, so I kept walking.  Concentrating on looking for a moving taxi, I nearly missed the one parked just ahead of me.

The window was open and I asked how much it was to KL Sentral?  Twenty Malaysian Ringits, roughly $4.5.  Within moments, he was showing me photo’s of his three children, talking about how much he enjoys the peace of driving only at night and he dropped me next to my bus.

Even with the obstacle, I got on a bus 20 minutes earlier than I’d planned.  Then our speedy bus driver got us to the airport in 40 minutes rather than the 1 hour plus they post.  Perfect!

However, after walking all the way through the airport to departures, I learned it was the wrong airport?!  Oh well, things are always working out for me.

I walked back, a purple shuttle bus pulled up a couple minutes later and then I was in the right airport still with time to spare.

Flowing, listening, being flexible, all those qualities helped me stay peaceful and trusting in the face of obstacles.

My flight was really full but I noticed an empty window seat with an empty seat beside it at bulk head.  I moved up!  And I met Ted, born in India, raised in Malaysia and living in San Francisco.  Our conversation helped the 7 hour flight go fast.  He invited me to be his guest in the United Club!  I had a little over two hours until my next flight.

Good food, draft Japanese Asahi on tap, and a free shower to freshen up were all part of that experience!  Perfect!

Last Friday, I got online to see about booking an economy plus seat for the 10 hour flight home.  Something told me to wait so I did.  Monday, I looked again for my flight the next morning,  One row had three seats empty and the price had dropped nearly $70.  On the flight, I had a row to myself!  Listening pays and in this case, was much more comfortable!

Leg Room!

Our flight arrived 30 minutes early!  That was good!  The shuttle suggested I book their 1:00 pm shuttle even though my flight wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 12:35.  Great news!

Bad news, we were so early customs wasn’t ready!  We waited on the plane for nearly 30 minutes and I walked off at 12:25 feeling I might not make the shuttle but knowing everything would be OK!

Immigration was a breeze.  My pack was waiting for me.  I breezed through Customs with my Global Entry pass.  By 12:45, I was curbside waiting for my shuttle to bring me back to Longmont.

When I listen to and operate from that feeling of flow, it really is as if some invisible force is helping all kinds of cool things happen to help me on my way!


Improvising, flowing and adapting!

I’m now home in Colorado.  Already, it’s really different.  If I want to go get a quick bite to eat, I can’t walk five minutes to several different Indian or Chinese restaurants.  I get in my car, by myself, isolated from people around me, and drive to a destination.

The feeling of being in the world, apart of the local community, a thread in the web of daily life is gone.  I miss that!  And am adjusting.

Improvising and adapting

When I first started training and facilitating, I was extremely nervous.  My way of coping was to meticulously prepare!  Prepare, prepare and prepare….then follow the notes of the structure I built.

One day, I realized that was a very inflexible way to “facilitate training” and was based on the wrong priorities.  Effective training isn’t about content, it’s about engagement.  My notes engaged me in following my outline so I’d be comfortable.  However, it didn’t focus on the needs of the people in the room.

I knew that was never going to be good enough! After considerable thought and consideration, I decided to take improv classes.  BOOM!  Things dramatically changed.  The biggest change:  I became more comfortable with me being me no matter what was going on around me.  And I knew I could adapt to whatever need showed up.

Fast forward many years to travel and the same principle holds true.  I cringe a little bit when friends show me an itinerary for a trip to a country and culture they have never visited and know little about.  Information gathered from somewhere gets built into a structure, reservations and bookings are made and the schedule is followed.

That schedule leaves little room for magic!  Overhearing a conversation in Guatemala, inviting myself to an adventure and I was soon visiting “hot waterfalls” in a remote village.  They were not in the tour books!  I didn’t know they existed!

A random article somewhere clued me in to a sauna outside Antigua, Guatemala.  As popular as Antigua is, no one had heard of them.  I persisted, finally learned how to pronounce the name correctly and was soon visiting.  For $5, I had 30 minutes in a wood fired sauna, an hour massage and a glass of fresh juiced carrot juice at the end.  Perfect!  And all unplanned.

Peaceful islands, wild orangutan, zip line into a tree house, cooking classes, trekking, seeing the blooming refflesia (biggest flower in world), pink river dolphin in the Amazon, mouse deer in Taman Negara, visiting the mossy forest…..openness and flexibility breeds possibility!

Give it a try!

The same holds true for life!  Tightly structured and over scheduled, with a minimum room for experiencing anything out of the norm and life just isn’t as interesting.  I heard people on the return flight from Bangkok complaining about service, slow pace, how difficult it was to get a bill after a meeting and finally, how “is sure isn’t like Chicago”!  If you want Chicago, stay in Chicago!  If you want to experience a different culture and way of doing things, open up and flow with it!

When I travel, I read  about a country and get a sense of the few things I really want to experience.  Then, I book reservations for my first night. After hours of travel and generally a 14 hour time change, I want a place to land.  Then, I talk to people, learn about experiences other travelers enjoyed and feel out what flow works for me!  Clue:  feel out, not think and plan out!

And in that flow, surprises always come up!  And that flow is part of the reason I stay in hostels, home stays and budget lodging.  People talk to each other!  And they are often traveling for an extended time, leaving one experience and leading off to another in a consistent stream of full engagement.

My last morning at Travel Hub in Kuala Lumpur, I met Jess.  She graduated University in the UK, got a good job, and after a while, realized she wasn’t happy.  So she saved money, quit and is not in the fourth month of a six month journey.  Six months unless she decides to extend it!  Exploring!  Traveling alone and learning about herself!  Meeting a lot of new people!  Savoring the host of experiences travel can offer when you listen, flow and move with what the moment presents to you!

I’m savoring those moments, savoring all the new connections and all the experiences that contributed to my amazing five weeks of travel.  Thank you everyone!!!!


Sandat Bali, Ubud

I made a couple short video’s of Sandat Bali.  This will give you a better idea of the environment they have created here!

And here are photo’s I have taken there:


A different person going back to Colorado!

Some experiences can only be felt, never described!  Words can’t communicate what was experienced and felt.  That’s what I feel on my last evening in Ubud this trip.

Experience:  flow, magical connections, great conversations, amazing people, gratitude, each day an amazing surprise.  For example…

One morning, I drove to a coffee shop. Their machine wasn’t working. Hmmm, what to do? I drove to another shop. A couple comes in who are from Germany, wanting to live in Bali and are looking for a place to live. He’s working with hospital in Denpasar. She, a doctor, it between work and exploring. Great conversation and connection, at that precise moment, because an espresso machine wasn’t working.  I am connecting them with friends and healers that will help!

In Ubud, I see old friends who glow with excitement greeting me and sit holding my hand to talk. I dropped a napkin this morning and before I could reach to pick it up, a young woman standing by said, in her lilting sing-song Bali voice, “Not to worry!” and scooped it up. Two friends I have met here offered to take me to the airport, a grueling and pain in the ass drive! One healer yesterday suggested I had enough time to come back for one more session, today, before I leave tomorrow so he could see me.

The second time I visit restaurants, I’m greeted with “Hello friend!”. A busy intersection and I’m trying to find a space to cross when a happy friendly driver smiles while holding his hand palm down motioning for others to make space for me. Certainly not road rage!

I returned to a place I stayed early in my trip and the owner comes out of greet me with hands folded in front of chest in “prayer form” and bows deeply smiling at me, thanking me. And the most frequent question lately, since people know I am leaving, “when you come back”? Not five years!!

I visit Kahiyang with Mary.  A woman enters wearing a shirt with the word “Inspire” on the front.  She’s from Dubai and working here.  Great connection and conversation!  Each day is filled with the same energy:  authentic, nourishing, real and connected conversation!

Those descriptions are shallow compared to the feeling the actual encounter.  I’m at a loss for words because words can never transfer the experience.   It’s a feeling, an embrace, a heart energy unique to this place. Eyes light up when people smile. It’s as if their heart and Soul come out through their eyes.

Everyone’s eyes do that, something comes out of your eyes. You do that! You broadcast something via your eyes! Always! Every time! Think about that! What is it? Here it’s gentleness, connection caring and kindness. Here, when eyes sparkle and faces light up back at me, it feels like they broadcast love and caring.

Some tourist eyes communicate:  leave me alone; don’t get to close; I can’t trust you; I’m unhappy;  I’m in a hurry;  go away!

People are singing everywhere here, not self-conscious about their talent or lack of, simply joyful in the moment. Unbridles singing from an accountant, barista in a restaurant between customers, shop keepers on the side of the street, taxi drivers, it’s everywhere!

In the states, it feels more often like messages revolve around, “Sorry I’m so busy! Wish I had more time to see you. I don’t have time for myself and am surviving this day. Maybe I’ll catch up with you later (in months or years often).”

Here, it’s presence in the moment. Yesterday I watched people working on a construction site scooping rich by hand, putting into metal tubs, lifting it onto their heads and then walking to dump tin to a concrete mixer. They smiled at me! Acting as replacement beasts of burden, they smiled in the midst of tedious labor most Americans would consider beneath them

Amazing! And yes, those words don’t come close to describing the experience available here!

Don’t bring your busy hurried and hectic self if you come to visit! You’ll miss it. Don’t zoom through Bali DOING all the tourist things you imagined in only a few days. You’ll miss it.

I occasionally see some people here at Sandat Bali in the midst of what is an amazing experience and they rarely connect with it. You can see it in their walk. Hands swinging assertively, walking fast, head down, no hello to other guest or staff, hurrying off to their next yoga class or other experience.

To fully experience Bali, SLOW DOWN! Be more than you DO! Travel from your inner being, your “human being” state, not your “human doing” state! Go visit the little local warung’s on the back street rather than spend all your time in tourist areas. Those little local family places are not far away, within an easy walk, and they will reach out and touch you!

And, that feeling, this experience is up to me! Yesterday a massage therapist I love put her hands together and bowed when I stopped by to buy a massage as a gift for mama. She looked awkward when I gave her the money? Then she told me I had set her so many customers, she wanted to give me a free massage! Last night after my last session with papa, just him and I there in the healing room, he thanked me for being here, for all my help, for the people I have sent and for being his friend. Still touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes reading that

I’m asked each morning how I am doing and of course I’m doing great! I am in Bali!!! Most days, it’s the same answer. I’m doing great because I choose to! It’s the place I choose to come from each day. Bring that with you! That energy will shape you an amazing experience here.

I came with a clear intention: to recharge and heal! I wanted to rest, restore my energy deeply and simply enjoy being here. I didn’t do any of the activities or travel I normally would do. Places like the hot springs and coffee country will wait for my next trip. Mountain biking down hill through local villages or travel to Menjangan to snorkeling or visiting Lovina will wait as well.

So I’ve been still, present, resting. The first week in Kuala Lumpur and here, I slept 12 hours a night. I continue to meditate and do my morning stretching. I’ve listened each morning to what feeling unfolds for the day. “What’s your program today” is the general morning question. My program: listen, stay present, enjoy, be joyful and flow with what unfolds.

And I’ve only worn shoes two or three times my entire trip!

Perfect plan for this trip to Bali!  Rest, healing, restoration and connecting!

And having fulfilled that intention on every level, I’m returning home a different person than the one that left to come here! Ahhhhh!

Thank you Bali!

A bit of exploring today!

It’s the eve of mom and dad’s anniversary.  This would have been 67!  Happy anniversary mom and dad!  I can feel your presence tuning into my trip and looking over my shoulder, smiling with me!

My list of things I want to accomplish before I leave here has very little left on it.  Today, I had my best cappuccino in Ubud!  Thank you Eric!  He asked me, shyly, if I could help him some more.  I did today.  He packed extra coffee into the portafilter, textured the milk, and it was the best cappuccino I have had here.  Great coffee flavor!  Sweet milk!  Lovely texture!  Lots of love in that cup as well!

I’m planning to visit Erma and help her learn to make her own Chai.  I’ve got an ancient Yogi Tea recipe plus a Nepal recipe, both explaining the health benefits of the ingredients and what they do for the body.  She has had people ask her about chai but isn’t sure what it is.  With fresh ingredients available year round here, it should be a snap to make her own.

Went North today!  Lots of shades of green!  Quieter up there, rice fields, fair amount of development and lots of quiet and peace.  Here’s what it looked like.

I’m so happy I decided to stay here at Sandat Bali!  I was going to stay for a couple days and then move.  Mama really wanted me to stay here and put me in a lovely, large room on the quietest part of the property.  It’s been perfect.  More money than I wanted to pay however, it’s completely in keeping with my intention to have peace and quiet and healing time to restore my energy.  Plus, I feel so loved here!

I did a small photo safari of their place today.  Have a look at what I experience every time I walk through the property.

And a few miscellaneous views of some of the creativity I’ve seen in the area the past couple days.

Feels like ages since I left and it feels like I fit in perfectly with this community!  Can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks since I left!  So different now!  Amazing conversations, authentic connections, love and support from new friends, amazing life enrichment experience!


Savoring and winding down!

Two nights ago, I had a session with Nyoman.  Any of the pain points from before were so much better.  He commented on how much better my body is and he could see it in my walking!  I’ve been stretching most days to help loosen things up.  He told me my body was very flexible now!

Yesterday was a bit of an off day, a day for taking it easy and napping and reading and flowing through the day.  Perfect!

Today began with quiet meditation and breathing.  Quiet morning in my room.   Very still back here.  Today’s the first time I heard any noise in the night which is unusual in Bali.  I sat for a few moments soaking up that energy and intending that flow for my day!

Talked with Pru and Alex from Australia at breakfast, they are leaving today.  Last night, Israel and I talked about the spice walk from Nadi’s.  I found their brochure in my things and gave that to him when I saw him at breakfast.  Then, I met Tori from Toronto.  Another lovely connection with someone intent on doing meaningful work in their life.  She has a degree in chemical engineering and really wants to get involved in sustainability. Lovely young lady and great energy!

Then I met Mary Lee.  After years of talking about it, finally, we were of together so I could introduce her to the Holy Knife!  We drove past it perfectly, turned  around and found a parking space on the street in the direction we needed to go when we returned.  I wasn’t sure if we were close and then realized the alley to the Holy Knife was only a few yards away!

He’s such a sweet and gently man and gave me a bit and joyful hug after he got his sarong on!  It was painful for Mary and really helpful.  Her face looked different when we were finished!  My session was good with only a few spots really painful.  One was in the lower left back area which really hurt as he worked on it until it suddenly shifted and went away!

After the treatment, I asked Mary if she now had a clear ideas of how it’s impossible for me to answer people when they ask, “what does he do”?  He cleans fields!?

And now I’m going out for lunch!  Yesterday I had a BBQ chicken pizza lunch which filled me for the rest of the day.  Going wandering today and savoring being here.  Some blue skies at the moment.  Not raining!

Went to “Little Talk” coffee shop to relax and read yesterday.  Such a lovely little spot.  Erma who runs it gets her coffee from Iwan and is active in the sustainability movement here.  They make a great cup of coffee!

The green photo’s below with the water temple in the back ground are views from her cafe.

Simon Sinek presentation about technology and numbing

Helpful view of technology and how it releases dopamine, the same component released by addictions.

Even here in Bali, I’m now seeing children, early in the morning, being entertained by smart phones.  Some habits starting so very early!

Over recent days, talking with new friends Cesca, Michael, Rosa, Kadi, Miguel, Stu, Patience, Drew, Michael, Zay, Israel and so many others, no cell phone was present.  What was present was human beings focusing on each other, being present, sharing and connecting!  Amazing!

First, this is one huge adjustment for me when I come home.  This morning over breakfast, I was talking with three other people.  Two from South Korea, one from Bali and me.  Little common English language between us.  Yes, with patience and presence, we communicated.  When I get back to the US, it seems like most people are too busy to even stop and talk!  Presence in the US…rare!  Preoccupied…common!  Racing through life to the next thing…common!  Here, now connecting with another person…rare!  That’s my biggest sense of withdrawal in the past.

And second, are young people forgetting how or never learning how to sit, be present and have authentic connection with another human being?  Very sad and challenging if that is the case!

Here’s the video clip I mentioned to friends the past couple days.


Live a rich life! Have your own authentic experience!

While reading “The Winning Family” years ago, I was deeply influenced by words Louise Hart shared regarding beliefs.  Two comments really impacted me.

“First you form your habits, then your habits form you”.  Wow?!  Really??!!!  How much of my life is habitual?  Slowly, I realized a habit filled life is mostly lived on automatic pilot and rarely involves being fully present.  I’ve asked hundreds of people if they have ever had this experience:  You get in your car or truck after a busy day at work.  Suddenly, you are pulling into your drive and have NO recollection of the drive to get there!  That is automatic living, old habits taking over and no conscious presence.  How much of your live is automated where you are doing things simply because they are familiar and fixed?

Second, Louise wrote about the power of beliefs.  And to clarify, she wrote about the difference between what YOU believe, not what you have been talked into believing!  What do YOU believe and how do those beliefs serve you.

A common Balinese healer comment I have heard over the years:  Smile More, Be Happy!  That’s a great focus!

A couple nights ago, Israel and I were talking about belief, intention and quality of life.  He suggested that a small but significant leap, one that changes possibilities for people, is the leap from “I can’t do that” to “Maybe I can do that”.  Take travel for example.

I’m often met with questions related to how I am able to travel for so long as if it must take a small fortune to do so.  It doesn’t!  Traveling, getting over the fear of leaping into that unknown and surviving and thriving, opens doors.  When something feels right, opportunities open up.

For this trip, I looked at flying directly to Bali.  Flights were in the range of 44 hours and $2,000.  However, flying to Kuala Lumpur was $750 and a round trip ticket with AirAsia from Kuala Lumpur to Bali is under $200.

I stayed in a private room in a hostel in Kuala Lumpur for $14.  And met travelers from all over the world.  Here, I’m in a home stay splurging!  This is a lot of money for me compared to my usual travel budget.  I’m spending $350,000 a night for a room here!  That’s roughly $26 a night.  Every other place I’ve stayed is $200,000 a night.

Two days ago, lunch cost me $35,000 RP…$2.60.  That was lunch at a local warung where the money goes directly to the family.  That night, I had an avocado chicken salat with a fresh lime, mint and ginger drink….$40,000. My food budget was roughly $6.00 US for the day.

What do you believe that serves you?  What do you believe that enriches your life and makes it fuller, lighter, more expansive?  What do you believe that lights you up, helps you feel in alignment with your Souls and touches the lives of people around you?

What do you believe that holds you back.  Pay attention!  Choose wisely!  Remember the quote from Henry Ford, “Whether you believe you can or believe your can’t, you are right!”

Carlos Castenada contributed to the power of focus, where you place your attention and how that focus affects you.  We are energy beings!  You pay attention to something, that focus of attention grows.  I know people who are constantly focused on what is wrong with their life!  I’ve met travelers living from one “challenge” to the next as if it’s normal.  For them, it is.  For me, I travel with Angels and magic happens.  Clearly, my belief that “Things Are Always Working Out For Me” serves me well.  Things are always working out for me.  Carlos wrote: “We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong.  The amount of work is the same.”

You have everything you need to make your life what you want it to be!

Here’s a link to short live video I did this morning on Facebook:


<iframe src=”https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FLarryCreativeGuy%2Fvideos%2F10213154359267860%2F&show_text=1&width=560″ width=”560″ height=”567″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

Holiday update…yes, everything is OK!

I got a few messages from people asking if I was OK since it’s been a few days since I posted.  Reminder:  I am on holiday!  So I took a holiday!  I did post brief updates on Facebook so please check there as well.

I found a lovely family to stay with in Padang Bali!  And met some lovely people!  Ate fresh seafood!  And I went for medicinal swims in the ocean.  Ahhhhhh!!!!  Perfect.

September 11th, I left home.  Before leaving, I was resting a lot and taking naps four or five days a week out of weariness and exhaustion.  Last weekend was the first time on this trip I actually felt refreshed!  Mission accomplished!  Perhaps playing in the ocean had something to do with it? Or the great work healers did for me?  Or the “Soul” nourishing conversations that pop up every day!  Or the fresh seafood?  Or….fill in the blank with an option of your choosing.

My priority:  rejuvenation, feeling rested and refreshed.  My first night back in Ubud, I slept 12 hours.  Peaceful days here!

The first day back, staying at Sandat Bali in a very peaceful, private and quiet room at the end of the property, I met Israel from Florida and had one of those nourishing conversations!  He’s been living on the road for the past four years!

In Ubud, I met Michael and Cesca originally from Holland but traveling for the past nine years.  They left Southern California on their bicycles intent on reaching Argentina, traveling with 10 & 12 year-old sons, and arrived there 2 1/2 years later.  They lived on $30 a day.  Several years ago, they realized they needed to find some way of making money or needing to go back to somewhere to a “normal” life.  Now, they finance their travels by making and selling bracelets.  Where there is a will and clear intent, there is a way!

Yesterday, I had a healing session with Eddy.  Waking and intent on being lazy all day, I was struck by the inspiration to text him.  Two hours later, I was on his table, 40 minute by motor bike from Ubud, for a thoroughly nourishing and refreshing session.  WOW!  That’s all I can say!

Later, I went to see Ketut for a massage.  WOW #2…all I can say!  Perfect for my first day back!

Last night, I had a lovely visit with Rosa who lives in Maui.  Very spiritually connected and intuitively guided, she is in Bali for her first time, went to Chiang Mei for some healing study and training and was back here.  What a lovely lady and authentic connection!

She left today and I hugged her goodbye.  My plan today was to lay low, get in the pool and write.  On my way back to my room, I felt inspired to go to Iwan’s for coffee?!  There I connected with Stewart…first over a conversation about coffee and then about energy, intention, Sacred Geometry, living with authenticity and presence….more inspiring and uplifting than the caffeine.

Each day, something like that happens!

Now, I’m aware my days are dwindling!  I checked in for my flight to Kuala Lumpur in 10 days and made arrangements for lodging there.

One theme here in Ubud has been meeting loving and heart centered people!  Some make coffee (Iwan), others serve food at local Warung’s (Martik at Mama’s Warung and those at other Warungs), manage a home stay (Wayan Johnny at Grey House and the family here).  Others stop to connect for genuine, present and authentic conversation while others  have made choices to live inspired lives, doing what they love and do what speaks to their Soul.

Today, people are going to the temple at Monkey Forest for blessing and then to the main temple tomorrow for the Full Moon.  I’m soaking up the energy of that!

What a perfect trip this is and has been for me!

Now, back to vacation mode!  Ciao!

Padang Bali travel and beach

A lovely drive from Ubud to Padang Bai yesterday!  Traffic wasn’t bad and I didn’t get off on the wrong road this time!  There is so much to see on the side of the road passing temples, stone work, wood work, colorful rice fields, statues over the road and lovely forest.  If I stopped for every image that begged for a photo, I’d still be on my motorbike!

About midway, a wedding ceremony was proceeding toward me along the edge of the road.  The bride and groom smiled and waved at me as I gave them a thumbs up on their ceremony.

    Here in Padang Bai, I’m staying right smack in the village.  It’s noisy compared to the forest area of Blu Mango but everywhere would be.  I’m staying right across the entrance of the temple.  People are there 24×7 offering prayers for the healing of Mt. Agung.  That’s a very nice noise to be part of, healing energy!

    I had fresh chumi chumi for lunch yesterday, calamari, at Kerti’s overlooking the beach and ocean.  Great breeze cooling me for lunch!

    I found White Sand Beach for a few hours of relaxing late afternoon when it cooled.  Soon, I’m heading to Blue Lagoon Beach to read and be still today.

    And as I wrapped this up, the internet slowed and stopped.  Suspended I introduced myself to a couple sitting near their room across from me.  They have been bicycling around the world…for 9 years!  For the first 6 1/2 years, they lived on $30 US per day with their two small boys.  Then their boys left and they either had to go home of find some way to make money on the road.  They learned to make bracelets.  When they are slow, they make stock.  Last summer, they went to Crete for 7 weeks, parked their bicycles, put out a sign and sold bracelets.  Cool!  How many different ways to make life work when you are clear about your intent!

    More interesting stories in there for sure!

    Internet connection was nonexistent last night so, when I have a connection, I’ll update.